Star Fox Original Soundtrack front cover

The Star Fox Original Soundtrack was a CD released in 1994, a year after Star Fox. It contained tracks from each level in the game.

All music was composed by Hajime Hirasawa (with the exception of the themes used for the stage and boss BGM of Out of this Dimension!) and features three arranged tracks by Norimasa "Kisho" Yamanaka at the start of the album. The last three tracks are recordings of live gameplay of the game's final stage, boss and ending on Level 3 (the game's highest difficulty).

Track Listing

  1. Arrange Version - Corneria
  2. Arrange Version - Main Theme
  3. Arrange Version - Black Hole
  4. Title Demonstration BGM
  5. Title Screen
  6. Controls BGM
  7. Course Map Select BGM 〈Main Theme〉
  8. Emergency Call
  9. BGM (Corneria)
  10. BGM (Meteor)
  11. BGM (Titania)
  12. BGM (Fortuna)
  13. BGM (Macbeth)
  14. BGM (Asteroid, Venom-Orbital)
  15. BGM (Space Armada)
  16. BGM (Venom-Base for Level 2)
  17. BGM (Sector X, Sector Z)
  18. BGM (Sector Y)
  19. BGM (Venom-Base for Level 1, 3)
  20. Boss (Corneria, Planet battle)
  21. Boss (Fortuna)
  22. Boss (Macbeth)
  23. Boss (Titania)
  24. Boss (Asteroid Space Battle)
  25. Boss (Space Armada, Boss of Core type)
  26. Boss (Venom-Base)
  27. Boss (Last Boss Andruf)
  28. Player down (Orchestra version)
  29. Player down (Band version)
  30. Continue
  31. Course clear (Orchestra version)
  32. Course clear (Band version)
  33. Last Boss Clear
  34. Game Clear Demonstration BGM
  35. Ending (Boss)
  36. Main Theme
  37. Out of this dimension BGM
  38. Out of this dimension for slotmachine
  39. Black Hole (BGM)
  40. Black Hole 〈Map select〉
  41. Training Mode BGM
  42. Venom-Base - Play Version
  43. Andruf - Play Version
  44. Ending - Play Version


  • The words "Titania," "Fortuna," and "Andruf" are misspelled in most if not all cases on the written tracklist as "Taitania," "Fortunaf," and "Andolf," respectively.
  • Track 8 is not music per se, but rather the scene before the first level as heard in the game, including all voices and sound effects (similar to the "Play Version" tracks at the end of the album, sans BGM)

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