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The Star Wolf Team (present time)
Current Members: Wolf O'Donnell (leader)
Leon Powalski
Panther Caroso
Former members: Andrew Oikonny
Pigma Dengar
Unknown: Krystal
Affiliation: Venomian Army
Various Criminals
Star Fox Team1
Cornerian Army1
1: Temporary alliance to combat a common foe.

The Star Wolf Team is a group of mercenaries for hire, led by Wolf O'Donnell. They were originally associated with the evil Andross, and after his demise cemented themselves as rivals of Star Fox. They also dabbled in more illegal activities such as larceny and smuggling.

The original team consisted of Wolf O'Donnell, Leon Powalski, Andrew Oikonny, and Pigma Dengar. However in Star Fox: Assault, Andrew left Star Wolf to avenge Andross, and Pigma was expelled because of his greediness. Wolf later replaced Andrew and Pigma with Panther Caroso. In Star Fox Command, Krystal joins Star Wolf but can either stay with Star Wolf or join Fox McCloud depending on the player's decisions. Also, they have massive bounties placed on their heads because of their work. Their main ship is the Wolfen.


Early FoundingsEdit

Funded and equipped by Andross, the Star Wolf team is a group of elite evil pilots who defend the key routs to Venom. The Star Wolf team is lead by Wolf O'Donnell, a vicious pilot who seems to be trying to prove that he is as good a pilot as Fox McCloud. Other members include the traitorous Pigma Dengar, who led Fox's father James McCloud into Andross's clutches; Leon Powalski, a mysterious reptilian pilot who likes to make his opponents suffer before he destroys them, and Andrew Oikonny, whining nephew of Andross. The Star Wolf team always flies the most advanced version of Andross's "Wolfen" class starfighters. These starfighter prototypes may even be superior to the Star Fox team's Arwings....

Lylat WarsEdit

Andross summoned the original Star Wolf team to take down the Star Fox team before they could succeed in their mission. Star Fox encountered them at the battles of Fichina and Bolse, pitting Arwing against Wolfen in dogfights for Pilot superiority. Desperate measures called for Star Wolf to pilot the Ultra Performance All-Range Fighters, Wolfen II to defend the palace of Andross. Following their defeats and Andross's destruction, the Star Wolf Team disappeared, continuing in illegal activities.

Aparoid InvasionEdit

Sometime during the Saurian Crisis, Pigma was kicked off the team for his greed and unreliable nature, while Oikonny went to rally a Rebel Army in hopes of redemption against his previous failures. While Panther Caroso arrived in exchange to take both their places. Star Wolf made themselves up new residence and headquarters inside the Sargasso Hideout, with various criminals working for them and acting as security.

When the Star Fox Team infiltrated the Hideout to arrest Pigma, Wolf became infuriated at their intrusion, sparking more dogfighting. After explanations were given, Wolf revealed that he threw Pigma off the team without any chance of sanctuary. Falling for the beauty of Krystal, Panther let slip Pigma's whereabouts, before the Star Wolf Team departed making a promise to return.

Shockingly, Wolf and his team appeared without warning at the Aparoid decimation of Corneria City, to aid the Star Fox Team and Cornerians in their common struggle against the Aparoid Race. This surprising support of the Star Wolf Team at the battles of the Corneria City, Beltino Orbital Gate and Aparoid Homeworld allowed Star Fox to deliver the Self-Destruct program to the Aparoid Queen and cause the species wipeout. Star Wolf bravely led a chasing team of Aparoids away from Star Fox, making their fates unclear due to the homeworld's destruction. Fox however remained positive that Wolf's team would live to fight another day.

Anglar BlitzEdit

The Star Wolf Team returned after their apparent survival from the Aparoid war, continuing so far in crime that the Cornerian Army placed a heavy price on all their heads. Krystal joined Star Wolf following her rocky fallout with Fox, and apparently started a relationship with Panther. Her status depends on the ending, as she can stay with Star Wolf, return to Fox, or leave both.

Following one ending, Fox enlists Wolf's piloting skill to aid him in hopes of destroying the Anglar Empire. Wolf only uses Star Fox to his advantage, after gaining possession of Andross's terraforming device in hopes of clearing his own team's negative reputation. The Lylat System thank Star Wolf for their courageous efforts, but treat Krystal differently feeling she betrayed Star Fox.

Current MembersEdit

Wolf O'DonnellEdit

Main article: Wolf O'Donnell

Wolf O'Donnell, sometimes called Lord O'Donnell, is the leader of the Star Wolf team and rival of Fox McCloud

Leon PowalskiEdit

Main article: Leon Powalski

Leon Powalski is the only original member other than Wolf himself to have stayed with Star Wolf since Star Fox 64. Leon is a dangerous enemy, whose secretive nature is emulated in by having psychopathic traits - very cold, calculating, and cunning. 

Panther CarosoEdit

Main article: Panther Caroso

Panther Caroso made his first appearance as the newest member of Star Wolf in Star Fox: Assault. His signature symbol is a red rose and is quite conceited, often embarrassing those around him. He is also quite a flirt, considering himself a ladies' man. 


After Fox asked Krystal to leave Star Fox due to him not wanting her to get too involved with danger, she left entirely and joined their rival, Star Wolf. As she got close to Wolf, she served as the essential "link" between the teams in the time of the Anglar crisis.

Former MembersEdit

Pigma DengarEdit

Main article: Pigma Dengar

Pigma Dengar is one of the original members of the Star Fox team, and after he betrayed James McCloud and Peppy Hare to Andross, he joined Star Wolf. Wolf later expels Pigma from Star Wolf due to his incredible greed and distrustful nature (he also mentions that "If he'd shown his filthy hide here [Sargasso Space Zone] my [Wolf's] men would have driven him out", which implies that he also gave his men the order to shoot on sight if Pigma ended up coming near their territory).

Andrew OikonnyEdit

Main article: Andrew Oikonny

Andrew Oikonny is the nephew of the evil Andross. He is an inexperienced pilot who only flies to try and follow in Andross's footsteps. Shortly before the events of Star Fox: Assault, Oikonny was kicked out of Star Wolf for undisclosed reasons. He then took control of his dead uncle's remaining army and started a rebellion against the Cornerian Army.

Technology and EquipmentEdit

Star Wolf's new, customized Wolfens. Note Krystal's Arwing(considered a Wolfen by the rest of the Star Wolf Team), the Cloud Runner.
GilgameshkunAdded by Gilgameshkun

The technology and equipment used by members of Star Wolf is very similar to that of the Star Fox team, although it is sometimes depicted as more advanced. The Sargasso Hideout acted as Star Wolf's base of operations during the Aparoid Invasion era, fitted with the teleportal Transfer Devices for a quick entry for reinforcements. With former Venomian Army soldiers brought into the hideout, some similar tech was also taken on board.

The team primarily uses the Wolfen as means of transportation and starfighting. Its statistics rival that of the Arwing's. In all games, the Star Wolf team is fought in their Wolfens, and in Command, the Wolfens used are customized personal craft. To defend Andross's palace, the team used the Wolfen II to deny any chance of Star Fox's victory.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wolf uses a Landmaster of his own, and it is given the title "Wolfen Landmaster" in-game. The trophy for the vehicle indicates that Wolf stole schematics for the Star Fox team's Landmaster and used them to make his own, more powerful version. With upgrades comes greater use of fuel, so Wolf's Landmaster only lasts a few seconds on stage.

In the MangaEdit

With altered roles compared to the games, Team Star Wolf appear Star Fox 64 manga, where they ambush Star Fox at the Asteroid Belt. The team are beaten badly, with Fox intent on capturing Pigma for his crime against his old team. Wolf stops Fox from chasing Pigma, letting the Pig escape to Venom and threatens Fox to leave him alone or he'll be set to join his late father. This comment causes Fox to become convinced at the rumours surrounding Wolf's involvement with James's fate. Facing and suffering Andross's wrath and frustration, Pigma and Andrew continue their mission to take down Star Fox in revenge for their humiliation. But acting against Wolf's orders causes him to fire both Pigma and Andrew from the team and attacks them, saving Fox's life just so that they can carry on their personal quarrels.

Photo GalleryEdit

Theme MusicEdit

StarFox 64 3D - Star Wolf Theme Extended(16:02)
AnimeFan2001Added by AnimeFan2001

The Star Wolf leitmotif has made an appearance in every one of the team's appearances, except for the unreleased Star Fox 2.

  • The Star Wolf theme first appears in Star Fox 64, followed by an orchestra remake for Star Fox: Assault and then returning for Star Fox 64 3D.
  • The theme returns as Wolf's personal theme during his gameplay in Star Fox Command.
  • The theme also appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in a new version and the Star Fox: Assault version is included as an unlockable soundtrack.


Star Wolf
Current Members
Wolf O'Donnell | Leon Powalski | Panther Caroso
Former/Miscellaneous Members
Andrew Oikonny | Pigma Dengar | Krystal
Wolfen | Wolfen II | Wolfen Landmaster (non-canon)
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