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Todora is an enemy that is fought in Katina levels in Star Fox Command.

In the Star Fox Command

The battle of Katina

A Todora appears to only be fought alone, probably due to his strength. It is used by the Anglar forces as a weapon. It is unknown if it is a species native to Katina that is mind controlled, or if it's an artificial weapon made by the Anglars that resembles a beast. It sees combat at Katina, and is probably used as offensives against the Cornerian's stationed there. It is powerful enough to contain a core for the Anglars. When Falco and ROB come to assist in the battle, with Cornerian pilot Bill Grey help, they encounter these creatures in the fight. They quickly took care of them and were able to secure the area. They are fought again when Fox, Falco, Slippy, ROB, Krystal, Leon, and Panther come to assist in the fight. Falco and Slippy with some help from ROB and Bill Grey encounter a couple of these while trying to take back an important base. Meanwhile, Fox, Krystal, Leon, Panther and ROB fight one when they try to take over a main Anglar base on Katina. They are no match for team Star Fox, and are defeated, as the Battle of Katina is won by Cornerian forces.

After the War

It is unknown what happened to the Todoras after the war. If they were ships, they probably went out of business. If they were creatures, than they probably escaped mind control and roamed wild over Katina.


  • They are probably based of the Dodoras, wich bear a similar name, and similar appearance.
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