The Star Fox 64 Training Mode.

Welcome to Training Mode! Lets practice the basics.
ROB 64

Training Mode is a mode in the video game Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64. It is used by the player to learn the basics of the game. It is recommedable to players who have never before played the Star Fox series or similar titles.


Star Fox

In Star Fox, which did not feature the Great Fox, training took place as live test flights on the surface of Corneria. These were supervised by General Pepper and involved all four Star Fox team members (FoxFalcoPeppySlippy). A few maneuvers are discussed, and at times the other characters make comments about the test.

As with the Training Mode in the later Star Fox 64, there are many rings to fly through. If Fox flies through five in a row, General Pepper remarks how skillful he is. If Fox flies through all the rings from the beginning of the test until the group formation practice, General Pepper will apologize to Fox for ever having doubted his abilities.

Star Fox 64/3D


Training Mode as seen in Star Fox 64 3D.

  • In Star Fox 64, Training Mode features a series of tests for players to practice piloting the Arwing in both standard "Corridor Mode" and All-Range Mode. As around 70% of the main game uses the Arwing, the Landmaster and Blue-Marine are unavailable for practice. ROB 64 appears to welcome the player, then a Trainer appears and explains the controls for the rest of this stage. Like the previous title, there are 100 blue and white rings around the field for the purpose of target objectives for performance. Doing a successful somersault loop through the rings that fit the purpose will reward the player with Smart Bombs. In appearance, the Training stage is that of a large metal landscape in space with the planet Corneria in the background, possibly a flight training area in orbit for members of the Cornerian Army. During the All-Range Mode training, once the player reaches 100 HIT points, Wolfens will periodically fly in and can be shot down by the player, but more will keep coming into the field.
  • Training Mode returns in Star Fox 64 3D. This time around, the training arena is completely redesigned into a wireframe virtual reality-esque background, reminicent of Star Fox: Assault's simple maps from Versus Mode. The sky indicates that it is set in space but Corneria is not in sight this time. A new trial mode is also optional, the player must fly down a long metallic tunnel to the finish while avoiding still pillars and moving obstacles. Three stars act as chances, losing all three results in failure.

Star Fox Command

At the start of a new game, having been out of action for some time, R.O.B will offer Fox some Training to help him readjust his piloting skills to combat the Anglar Blitz. The player can choose either to perform basic practise or just play ahead. R.O.B will give the following four categories for Fox to complete: Piloting, Barrel Rolling, Combat, all three at once. The Training Modes are set in a simulation environment resembling Corneria's surface.


  • The Training Mode leitmotif is remixed in orchestra for Star Fox: Assault's soundtrack, it is heard during some mission briefings. The theme returns for Star Fox Command when selecting a Training mode.
  • In Star Fox 64/3D, ROB will give out a congratulations if the player flies through all 100 rings.

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