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Let's play!
—Prince Tricky

Tricky is an EarthWalker and heir to the throne of The EarthWalker Tribe as their crown prince, the son of the King and Queen EarthWalker. When Fox came to the planet to stop it from breaking apart and exploding, Tricky was saved from the SharpClaw tribe, loyal to General Scales, and remained with Fox throughout his journey, serving as his constant companion and the two eventually became good friends.


The Plight of Sauria

Tricky and Fox first met on Ice Mountain, where Tricky was being held captive by the SharpClaw. There Fox rescued Tricky by winning a race against the SharpClaw, although Fox nearly got cross with Tricky upon their first meeting when the latter made a sarcastic remark about Fox landing in a hot spring.

When they went to the broken-off section of Sauria, the snowland of DarkIce Mines, Fox and Tricky were split up when Tricky was kidnapped during a snowstorm. But, later Fox was able of rescuing him again in the prison, where the daughter of the king of the SnowHorn Tribe was also being held captive.

When Tricky and Fox rescues the Queen CloudRunner from the prison in Cape Claw, he thinks the Queen was a threat to him and the rest of EarthWalker tribe. The Queen tells Fox that CloudRunner and EarthWalker tribe doesn't see eye-to-eye. Apparently, Tricky refuses to go to CloudRunner Fortress while Fox has to go alone in order to find the SpellStone and save the rest of CloudRunner including Gradabug from General Scales and his SharpClaw army.

Tricky and Fox parted ways again when, journeying to the broken-off section of Sauria that held the Walled City, where the King was imprisoned, Tricky remained behind when Fox journeyed back to Sauria to finish saving the planet. Tricky was saddened by his departure, though Fox cheered him up by giving him an official place on the Star Fox Team. Tricky later sent a message with his parents, via General Pepper, that expressed his thanks to Fox and his team for saving their world.

The Aparoid Invasion

With the crisis over and Sauria saved, Tricky went on with his life and physically matured (though was still somewhat childish). When the planet came under assault from the Aparoids, he was able to get most of his people to safety, while the Star Fox team arrived and defeated the invaders.

Once the dust had cleared, Tricky was ecstatic to greet his friend Fox again (although his greeting of Fox, by pouncing on him, also crushed Fox in the process), along with seeing Krystal for the first time, who had also helped in saving Sauria when Fox first arrived on the planet. Fox motivates Tricky to repair Sauria, and Tricky resolved to do so, so Fox and Krystal could come back on their honeymoon. This embarrassed Fox, who while having feelings for Krystal (which she returned and found the idea of a honeymoon enticing), and he and Tricky had a semi-playful argument as they departed back towards the city.

The Anglar Blitz

Nine years later, in one scenario Fox accepted Tricky's offer to have his honeymoon on Sauria when, following the end of the Anglar Blitz and the disbanding of Star Fox, Fox traveled back to Sauria, acting on information from ROB 64, where he reunited with Krystal, whom he had broken up with. Fox reconciled with Krystal by forsaking the ways of the warrior, and the two married and settled down, later having a son named Marcus McCloud. As this is one of nine possible outcomes for the aftermath of the Anglar wars, whether or not this is canonical is currently unknown.


According to the Rareware scribes, Tricky was originally intended to be the same character as Tricky the Triceratops, a boss from Diddy Kong Racing. However, since Star Fox Adventures was the only Star Fox game developed by Rare, the two characters are generally considered to be separate. Besides that, Tricky from Diddy Kong Racing was, of course, a triceratops, whereas Tricky from Adventures lacks the trio of facial horns to categorize him as such (because his father and mother both seem to be based off of either Styracosaurus or Protoceratops [Both of which are from the ceratopsian family, with each of the two having one "nose" horn rather than the trio of facial horns] thus Tricky is also probably more a Protoceratops or Styracosaurus than Triceratops).


He was voiced by Kevin Bayliss in Star Fox Adventures, Chet Morgan in Star Fox: Assault, and Hirohiko Kakegawa in the Japanese version of Assault.


  • If the player examines Tricky after he is made a member of Star Fox, he will still be wearing his honorary members badge.
  • In Assault he can still be seen wearing the rope around his neck which seems odd as he should have out grown it and it seems unlikely that they would have left a rope around his neck for so long making this likely a design error or a use of reusing and modifying his Adventure model. Of course, he could be wearing a new one.

Names in Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese (トリッキー, Torikkī)
Russian Трикки


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