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ThornTail Hollow


Star Fox Adventures

Go get it!
Fox McCloud

Tricky's Ball is an optional item available in Star Fox Adventures.


Tricky's Ball is red, covered in yellow stars. When the ball lands, it makes a soft squeak, like a squeaky dog's toy.

P.D.A Scanner Information

TRICKY'S BALL - Use to change Tricky's style 

Tricky's Ball (ThornTail Store)

While it's not necessary to complete the game, Tricky's ball can be a fun diversion as you play. Buy it at ThornTail Store and it will appear in the Tricky part of the [C] menus. When the little dino asks you to play, select the ball and press [A] to throw it and pick it up. A rousing game of catch can help you relax.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 11




Detailed Report

Have hours of fun playing ball with Tricky. You throw the ball and he'll go get it! Keep playing and maybe you'll discover a cool secret…


It can be bought in ThornTail Store for the default price of 15 Scarabs. The bargain price is 11 Scarabs. If used, Fox throws the ball for Tricky to fetch it. Playing with him for long enough will cause a change in Tricky's coloration. The color changes in a cycle, from purple and yellow to pink and purple, and then to aqua-blue and lemon-green. Apparently, each different color change decreases the amount of a Grub Tub Tricky uses for each Tricky action. Collecting the Ball is the only way to gain the Fetch Sidekick Command and for the detailed documentation on General Pepper's report. 

Tricky's Ball

At your discretion you can buy Tricky's ball at the ThornTail Store. While not buying it won't stop you from completing the game, even heroes need a little R&R. When your hear Tricky say "Let's play!" he's ready for a game of fetch. Toss the ball around to reveal Tricky's strange ability - after you play fetch 10 times, he changes colour! Keep playing, an he'll keep changing shades.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 7


  • Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide. Games/Adventure. Platform: Nintendo GameCube,™
  • Star Fox Adventures
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