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The Venomian Fighter is the basic light attack craft used by both Oikonny's army and Star Wolf's militia just prior to and during the Aparoid Invasion.


It has an aerodynamic body with a dorsal wing and a ventral wing to aid amuverability. It is very much below the Arwing in all aspects, but generally can be a mere annoyance to even rookie players. They make few attempts to follow you, unlike Venomian Interceptors. Their only weapon is a moderately powerful laser bolt cannon on the nose. They are carried in Venomian Battlecruisers or Sargasso Battleships.


Battle of Fortuna (Oikonny Rebellion)

In space and on the ground, many battle groups of thes ships are trying to stop your approach. They usually attack in groups of four or five, and can be a little irritating. They often take potshots at you while you destroy the first of six Venomian Battlecruisers.

Mission to Sargasso Hideout

Star Wolf's militia are seen flying these fightercraft, and they use them suprisingly well.


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