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The Venomian Interceptor is a type of light fighter/bomber used by Oikonny's army and Star Wolf's militia.


These fighters outclass older Venomian Fighters for several reasons. First, they are noticeably faster, while having improved armor. The nose mounted laser bolt cannon is slightly more powerful and concentrated. Interceptors also will aggressively follow you until you leave their zone of influence or kill them. Optionally, they can also carry several missiles, as the last group of five interceptors attempted to bring you down and buy Oikonny enough time to flee.


Battle of Fortuna (Oikonny Rebellion)

Venomian interceptors appear in various areas, most notably in the second half of the space fight and somewhat widespread throughout the ground fight.

Mission to Sargasso Hideout

Carried into battle by Sargasso Battleships, they will follow the player everywhere.

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