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Venus Foxtraps are vicious plants that like to attach to walls and spring out of their pods whenever prey draws near. Fox can either roll past them or shatter them with the Ice Blaster.

Venus Foxtrap


Vicious planets that hide within a pod and blend in with the walls they cling to
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


Foxtraps work like photosynthetic motion alarms; anything that steps in front of them will be quickly greeted by a barbed appendage that shoots from the centre of the pod.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


Run by, quickly. Or freeze them with an Ice blaster and then shatter them with your Staff.
—Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide, pg 16


  • The name is a play on words that combines Venus Flytraps with Foxes because Fox is their designated victim.


  • Star Fox Adventures; Prima's Official Strategy Guide. Games/Adventure. Platform: Nintendo GameCube,™
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