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Star Fox Command (Wii U Virtual Console) Launch Trailer01:06

Star Fox Command (Wii U Virtual Console) Launch Trailer

The Virtual Console service is a service available on the Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS family systems. It is a collection of classic Nintendo games for purchase that are (in most cases) unaltered from their previous releases.

Star Fox Games

SF64 N64 VC

The Wii U edition of Star Fox 64.

The following Star Fox titles are available for purchase on the Virtual Console:
Star Fox Games
Game Console Year
Star Fox 64 Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
NA: April 2, 2007
JP: April 17, 2007
EU: April 20, 2007
Star Fox Command Nintendo Wii U NA June 25, 2015
EU August 6, 2015
AUS August 7, 2015

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