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Vixy Reinard
Biographical information


Date of birth

Presumed around Fox's father's birth.

Date of death

Sometime before Andross's banishment.

Physical description

Red Fox (possibly part Fennec)





Chronological and political information

Fox McCloud Sr. (lover)
Fox McCloud (son)


Star Fox (Nintendo Power comic)


Vixy Reinard was a vixen whose only appearance was in the 1993 Star Fox comic.


Very little is known about her, but she was described as being very beautiful and caring, and attracted the attentions of Andross, who became infatuated with her. Unfortunately, she was already in love with Fox McCloud Sr. (later known as James McCloud) and had a son, although in jealousy he never believed that Fox Sr. deserved her. As it was, Andross planned to get rid of his rival by installing a spare bomb in his car. Unexpectedly, Vixy used the car that day instead, oblivious to Andross' actions. She was tragically killed in the explosion, leaving Andross stricken with grief.


Years later, Andross's clone mistakes Fara Phoenix for Vixy, causing him to spill the ape's dark secret concerning her death. She was avenged by her son Fox McCloud, after he went into an infuriated ramping on Andross due to being enraged from hearing this.


  • Her appearance is only seen in a photograph that Fox keeps of her; however, Fox believed that Fara Phoenix had a close resemblance to her. This may imply that, although she is clearly a red fox in the photo, she may have been part fennec.
  • Despite Nintendo Power's extended storyline being overall incompatible with the current series, Vixy (at least as a character) is one aspect from the comic that can easily fit in with the current timeline.
  • Vixy's death means that Andross was supposedly responsible for the demise of both of Fox's parents, with different motivations; Vixy's death was unintentional, whereas Andross clearly had a hatred for Fox Sr.
  • Vixy's first name comes from "vixen", which is a term for a female fox.
    • Her last name comes from the "Reynard Cycle", a medieval French book about the adventures of a clever fox named Reynard (fr: Renart). The book was so popular in the Middle Ages that it gave its name to the animal (French for fox is renard, formerly goupil).
      • With this in mind, it may provide a slight explanation for Fox's first name.
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