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Walled City

Walled City

Detail Readout

Home to the EarthWalker, currently overrun by the RedEye tribe.

Map Data

With its vast open spaces and huge temples, keep a close eye on the fine details of this map to uncover all its secrets.


This is dangerous ground Fox! Walled City was once the EarthWalker's home, but it has been overun by the deadly RedEye tribe. General Scales has imprisioned the King EarthWalker within its walls. You must rescue the King and find that SpellStone! Hurry Fox! Those nasty beasts are mighty hungry! Peppy out!
—Peppy Hare's briefing

The Walled City is a location on Dinosaur Planet in Star Fox Adventures. Walled City is one of the four SpellStone land which were torn away from the planet and trapped in its orbit during the Saurian Crisis.


Home to the EarthWalker Tribe, it is a round area, surrounded by a wall, with pyramids surrounding a river, which surrounds a bigger, principal pyramid. Walled City is recognizable by its temples, river, and bridges.


Plight of Sauria

Some time ago before the Saurian civil war, the EarthWalkers managed to keep the savage RedEye Tribe locked away within the temples to control their hunger for the flesh of other tribes. However, the uprising of the SharpClaw Tribe saw the release of the RedEye Tribe in attempts to gain support for their planetary domination, leading to the EarthWalkers being slaughtered, driven out of their city and the capture of the King EarthWalker.

Walled City was torn away from Sauria when General Scales stole the four SpellStones. Fox McCloud went there to get the third SpellStone, which was held by the King RedEye, ending the short, violent reign of the RedEye Tribe. On his second trip, he had to get into the Krazoa Shrine on top of the main pyramid to get one of the two remaining Krazoa Spirits. After getting the Krazoa Spirit, it is then when he and Tricky part ways, and Fox makes Tricky a member of the Star Fox Team.

Although Fox was successful in returning the SpellStones, he learned that the planet required the Krazoa Spirits to ensure Sauria's reconstruction. After Andross' defeat in outer space, the spirits were able to resume their protection of Sauria and returned Walled City to the planet's main surface.

Aparoid Invasion

Walled City is also the area of Sauria seen in the Aparoid Invasion. It was attacked by the Aparoids, but Fox and Krystal destroyed the invading aparoids on ground while Falco and Slippy destroyed the Aparoids in the sky and reunited with King Tricky afterward. This stage is also playable in Versus Mode.



  • The Walled City during daylight shares its song with Lightfoot Village.
  • One of the few areas that has no SharpClaw foot soldiers.
  • The Temple structures and architecture resemble the ancient Aztec culture. Similarly enough, the EarthWalkers seem to worship the sun and the moon, just like the aztecs.
  • Peppy states in an unused briefing for Walled City that the EarthWalkers built the temples for the purpose of keeping the RedEye and ShadowHunter tribes under control, due to their flesh eating diets.
  • The Walled City was presumably the setting for the Sauria mission in Star Fox: Assault, due to the presence of buildings with a similar architecture to the temples in the Walled City, as well as Tricky being encountered there after the mission.


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