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Wing Repair
Effect: Repairs broken wing(s)
Rarity: Varies
Type: Supply

A Wing gyro is an item that repairs an Arwing's broken wing(s) instantly. It appears in Star Fox and Star Fox 64 and will only appear if one or both wings are broken off. Wing gyros replace Laser items, as an Arwing can only have the Single Laser if either or both wings are broken off. The wings break off when the wings take too much damage.

Star Fox 64/3DEdit

Their function remains the same, but are called Wing Repairs. In Main Game's normal difficulty the wings can stand a couple of hits, but in the hard mode, the wings will break from just a single hit. They can be found inside Containers, and in place of any Laser upgrades when one or both wings are broken off.

Instruction booklet referencesEdit


Wing Repair: "If your Arwing takes too much damage, your wings will be destroyed. Any powered-up lasers will be gone and your flying ability will be hindered. If you grab the Wing Repair, or if you finish the stage, the destroyed wings will automatically be fixed."


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